Desks for the home office

>>>Desks for the home office

Desks for the home office

If you choose to work from home and have a home office, there is no reason not to take this space seriously from a design point of view.

The most obvious piece of furniture you are going to need is a desk. All desks are built to a standard height of 75 cm. This generally will allow a chair to rest comfortably beneath it. The table part needs to be deep enough to accommodate a computer screen and that too be at eye level. The chair needs to be sturdy and at the correct height for the user otherwise backache can occur. These criteria should not mean that you cannot find a stylish and interesting desk to work at. In fact as it might be the most expensive item in the room, it might be wise to spend some time searching for the right one both in terms of functionality and design. Antique desks are stunning. The traditional partner desk or the roll top can be bought at auctions and will add elegance to any room.

However there are some amazing new designs that perhaps meet the demands of modern work life a little more neatly and fit well with today’s desire to be contemporary. If you want to choose retro, sell the fifties inspired Fonteyn desk. It is a petite item and although solidly built in oak and walnut it needs a room that has other storage space and surfaces as it is not for the messy worker. Other modern places to browse are places like Pinch which has a quirky take on the traditional desk. Liberty also sells an interesting walnut and oak desk by Jon Snow and Sean Dare (

The meticulous bespoke design of David Lindley is the epitome of elegance and individuality. Each desk is tailored to the needs of its owners just like a Savile row suit. Function and form are carefully considered and then the choice of wood veneer and leather are all blended to create a beautiful piece of furniture that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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