Design Ideas Using Lounge

>>>Design Ideas Using Lounge

Design Ideas Using Lounge

Comfort is one of the key elements when looking for furniture for a living room. The choice of seating is much better than in the past. Also it is possible to mix and match with both colour and design to create areas of seating that can be moved about to allow for flexible room setting and function.

When looking for the combination of luxury feel and style Linget Roset offer a good selection of funky chairs and sofas for your home. From the angular look of the Stricto Sensu through to the curves of the Okumi and onto the squashed comfort of the Togo, you will find a variety to add a dash of texture and colour to your living room. The Pecorella by Cini Boeri which comes in a soft velvet teal is a glamorous addition to any home and will contrast well with a large sofa.

Other chairs to consider would be Disfatto by Denis Guidone which is rounded and perfect to curl up in watching the television or a La Mise by Luca Nichetto.
If your tastes tend more towards the Scandinavian look then a different line is more common. You will want a stronger linear look in your furniture. The designs of Hans J Wegner are very popular currently. The tall wide legged chair Queen is a stunning piece with elegant wide legs and a high inclined back. It will give your room Scandi chic and style.

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