Design Ideas for Study Room

>>>Design Ideas for Study Room

Design Ideas for Study Room

Fruit and seeds have been inspiration for design since decorating your home became a national occupation. These images are a versatile way of introducing colour and variety into a decorating scheme.
With the cataloguing of plant species and their metamorphosis beautiful drawings and Botanical prints were created to compliment scientific study, especially during the Victorian period.

These images then became incorporated into fabrics and wallpapers to use in a domestic setting. The most well-known of these types of designs are probably the dense sumptuous prints of William Morris. There are many examples of fruit on these wallpapers and fabrics. The aptly named fruit wallpaper by William Morris is a combination of rounded peaches and hanging oval nutmegs. It comes in several colour ways both of which would be suitable for a traditional decor in a study.

The study has in the past been a clubbable male dominated space. Often design with leather and dark fabric. Try using the patterns of fruit and seeds on the walls of a study and make a cosy but living breathing area in which to work. This traditional design will look at home with a partner desk and wood bookshelves. Choosing a paintwork colour which is light white and clean you will avoid too much pattern in one room. Keep a wall free just to paint with a lighter tone of your paper.

Harlequins pretty pear design Joesfa is a pretty fabric with embroidered knot work. Curtains or blinds in a home office will be fresh and bright. The green colour way suits a white look in the furniture. This modern aspect on a study can be inspiring and airy. There are a number of colours available in high gloss filing cabinets if you fancy a change from the sleek white and add a mint green unit to compliment the Josefa.
The rich design of fruit will make the room in which you work interesting comfortable and unusual, a far cry from the Headmistresses study.

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