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>>>Design for sports fanatic

Design for sports fanatic

One theme to use in a teenage bedroom designing is that of a sporting life. This is not a boy thing girls will have their sporting heroes and heroines and it is an interesting way to add colour and variety that the young person will enjoy.

The most obvious sport to choose would be football. It would be a cliché to suggest posters of grinning footballers and scarves adorning the walls. Take a peek at the funky wallpapers of Mr Perswall. They take a clever and humorous look at the world of the supporter. They have several club motifs, Chelsea and Manchester United as well as a collage of old programs form the relevant team.

Another clever idea is a piece of furniture that can be covered in a combination of fabrics that are the colours of the team. Somewhat like the vintage Olympic inspired sofa from Barker. This item is covered in patchwork fashion with poster images from Olympics of the past and features several different sports including javelin and high jump.
The equestrian enthusiast is well catered for in the home decor world. As there is such a lot to choose from I suggest less is more. A graphic image of a horse in black and white is a more sophisticated approach and may stand the test of time. Girl Horse Wallpaper by Eszkimok would be a good choice.

If you want to have a subtle horse pattern on the curtains Emily Bond, Horses Heads is a linen union suitable for curtains and upholstery. There are a number of papers by Lewis and Wood which also feature a drawing of a horse, Gilpin Horses.

The final sport here is ice skating and skiing. Again a clever way of representing it is to extract the essence of the idea and place it delicately in the form by touches. Painting the room a combination of pale blue and white will give the impression of a snow capped mountain and by putting some fur rugs on the bed this is reminiscent of colder climes . A sweet fabric design is Deer and mountains by Spoon flower. For the skaters there is pictorial wallpaper showing a figure in various figure skating poses and a fabric with colourful skaters boots both from Treasures winter fun collection. This is a theme with infinite possibilities and one which is sure to please.

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