Decorating Bedroom Ideas

>>>Decorating Bedroom Ideas

Decorating Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is an area which should be restful and calm. There is nothing less restful and more soul destroying than having ones clothes and belongings cluttering up this space. Keeping everything tucked away in appropriate drawers, hanging rails and storage baskets is the easiest way to bring simplicity and order into the room. These wardrobes can be designed to your specification, depending on the items that you wish to hide away.

I would suggest getting rid of all the free standing traditional furniture such as wardrobes and chests of drawers and putting in sleek fitted cupboards. These are made by various companies. They come in a variety of door colours and finishes which will match and compliment your colour scheme.

A serene Japanese screen type look will give the sense of outside in to your room if you use the wooden banded door frames. This can be complemented by choosing crisp green paint on the walls of the bedroom and a leafy wall cupboards paper as a feature wall. A striking look is to include an aubergine glass panel in the doors. This can then be emphasised by putting a similar shade cover on the end of the bed or a stripe of this on blinds in the room.

A serviceable bedroom can be made glamorous by using mirror fronted sliding fitted wardrobes. These will reflect light around the room as well as creating another dimension of depth and be practical. By adding low lighting to the units these items will look attractive in the evening as well .A plain white look would work well with these so look for white leather chairs for the room and a cream carpet .

Your attitude to the look of your storage should be to include that as an important design element to the room that
adds class as well as maximising space.

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