Cool Britannia in Kitchen Designs

>>>Cool Britannia in Kitchen Designs

Cool Britannia in Kitchen Designs

Kitchen planning is a mechanical process and needs to be totally practical and functional. For instance kitchen units are probably one of the most uninspiring elements of a kitchen. They are basically storage boxes. Thinking like this it’s important to make a decision about reinventing the dull and making your kitchen truly individual not generic. The room should be a fun space not just dominated by its main function that is cooking and clearing. Not without personality and style.

A successful concept to take a leaf from is that of Cool Britannia. We are talking Vivienne Westwood rather than John Bull here.

Red, white and blue could be a harsh colour scheme can but begin with white painted or high gloss units and you can build an effective Union Jack vibe into your room.  Blue could be incorporated into the splash back either by choosing cobalt glass or lively indigo tiles. Black granite work tops will rock the look whilst being neutral and practical.

Red can be introduced by painting a feature wall a deep scarlet. Try some drama be dramatic and use the furled flag wallpaper by Westwood for Cole and Son. This image is subtle and shows a dynamic subtle flag image rather than the clean cut style seen ubiquitously on tourist t-shirts.

To dress this room, choose mugs and tea towels with a map of the British Isles printed on them. Don’t forget, Keep Calm and Carry On has been a popular motif. Keep the look in mind by having white plain blinds and curtains simply adorned with slim red and blue pin stripes. What might seem a heavy handed idea is up dated and made stylish by reinventing the wheel or flag in this case. Make the kitchen novel and intriguing.  Leave the bland and raise the standard for a new look.

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