Contemporary yet Traditional Bathroom Design

>>>Contemporary yet Traditional Bathroom Design

Contemporary yet Traditional Bathroom Design

Designing a bathroom means meeting practical considerations with luxury .Indigo Design’s interior designers in Cambridgeshire will provide you with a sophisticated look that will stand the test of time.

The client in this project wanted to combine different base elements and textures as a starting point. The focal point would be a dramatic sumptuous copper slipper bath.

The glorious tones of the burnished surface set the standard for the concept of the rest of the fittings and sanitary ware.

We incorporated a modern looking pebble shaped toilet a cutting edge shower head body jets and chrome trim. This was high quality specification.

We continued with the contemporary update by commissioning a unique oak linen cupboard with glass shelves.

Returning to the theme of old and new the client imported unusual wrought iron washstands on which we placed two deep copper bowls.

A traditional slate floor and Venetian marble mosaic tiling completed the effect.

The en suite was a harmony of materials combining wood metal and stone.

Alchemy with a twentieth century edge.

Also, have a look at our contemporary style of working where we transformed a gloomy bathroom to a new bright space and it certainly looked like a marshmallow bathroom.

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