Colour Combinations for Rooms

>>>Colour Combinations for Rooms

Colour Combinations for Rooms

The Chinese decided long ago that there was a fabulous harmony between a silken milk white and a strong intense blue. It is a colour combination that can be used in almost any room in the houses. In a sophisticated living area you can use this twin theme with surprising flexibility and variety.

Looking at the deep powerful end of our choice stands navy. This would be a good tone to make the colour of any sofa. If you choose a linen fabric to cover a low modular couch this will bring a modern sleek feel to your room .On the other hand a more cosy look would be achieved by choosing a navy Chenille or thick pile velvet to cover a Knoll or Chesterfield.

The navy furniture can be dressed by putting some light blue trim or a range of blue patterned cushions. This can be offset by including white based curtains with a simple dark blue motif .As for suggested fabrics there are an endless choice of blue and white designs. GP-and J Baker stock Bamboo Bird and Shadow Fern both would make fantastic curtains for this pallet .If you would like a linen the try Osian by OKA.

There are a number of blue and white designs on wallpapers that would look lovely against the navy couch. Costello by Graham and Brown or Hicks wallpaper Moghul by Cole and Son are two examples.

A homage to the Oriental would be to include a Willow pattern ceramic lampshade base with a white lampshade on. White wooden painted furniture would lighten up the room and take the harshness of the blue down.
As you can see it is a combination that works without too much cost and will certainly stand the test of time. Certainly the beauty of Oriental style is a truth universally acknowledged.

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