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>>>Closet Styling Ideas

Closet Styling Ideas

The options for storing your clothes are much better today than ever before. Much as we all love wardrobes they take up a lot of room and although lovely pieces of furniture do not offer the type of storage space for modern day living. Not many of us need to keep a top hat or Crinoline skirt these days. We need to be able to see our clothes easily and access them quickly as well as keeping them in order.

The choice of finishes on the shelves and doors are as varied as the choice of kitchen units. You can have the traditional dark wood look, smart and masculine, a high tech metal and obscured glass look, geeky and young, white or cream gloss glamorous and airy. In fact the choice is endless.

What is more difficult to decide is how you will display and find your clothes when you need them. Some people want to have doors on the shelves and hanging areas to hide the items from view. This is generally the case when the fitted wardrobes are in the bedroom. Selection of sliding doors is readily available from suppliers like John Lewis who also offer a design service. Other companies include Poliform and Hulsta.

If you have room for a walk in closet or a dressing room then you can afford to leave the clothes on display. In combinations of hanging racks, drawers, shelves and pull out areas you can accommodate all types of clothes. By using glass shelves you can add light and this is effective when storing and displaying handbags and shoes. Make sure you include plenty of mirror space either on the doors or just a full length mirror on one wall.

Take a look at the various storage options that include racks that pull out or fold cleverly to create more space.
It’s worth considering a place for jewellery, even a lockable drawer for valuables. If you have room a boudoir chair or chucking into seat will be useful especially in those exhausting moments when nothing seems to look right for that special occasion and you need some inspiration.

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