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>>>Bathroom Basins, Bowls & Sink Design

Bathroom Basins, Bowls & Sink Design

Bathroom design nowadays means that every item in the room needs to be completely in tune with the overall concept being used. This is true for the humblest of items the sink.

Indigo design have extensively researched to market on several occasions and found an endless variety of choice for the customer.

In terms of design the first choice is whether you want a freestanding basin with a pedestal. This are often associated with the more traditional design, Victorian or Art Deco. They can be quite large with two basins and sometimes have an accompanying chrome towel rail around them .There has been a fashion for French style basins and also hospital style sinks that are bulky. A more modern take on this is the half pedestal which is wall hung and just has a smaller lower half.

Fired Earth has a good selection of these more traditional styles in the Kensington range.

Another style is to have the basins set on top of a counter top. This has been a popular choice as the client can choose a wide range of looks for the basins to rest on.

The counter top can be made of granite, glass, Corian. Wood, so it is a very flexible look which can be contemporary without being cold. The basins that will rest on the tops can also be made of a huge number of materials. Ceramic, copper glass, stone to give you a few examples. The other advantage of the basins on a countertop is that the area below can be used as storage.

Again the shape of your basin is a factor to consider. Some of the more elliptical shapes look fantastic but do not hold very much water. If the basin is too shallow you will also find that the water from the taps will splash up a great deal especially if you have a pressurized water system.

You can also have square sinks, that can look bulky or a bowl shape which may be too small.


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Interior Design firm in Cambridge, Indigo design will take the time and care to provide you with a solution that not only looks good and is well designed but also ensures that it will work perfectly and endure.

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